lauantai 11. kesäkuuta 2011

You don't know anything but me.

I'm going to write in english the whole post tonight because I just feel like doing it. (:
I thought I'd write every post in english since this day because I mean like.. Honestly I don't know but the most of people speak english so I thought it'd be fun and I'd learn more and more english everyday and well I just love speaking english so I think I'm going to do it and start it by NOW.

So the day was hot... again!
I spent the day with my bestie and cleaning house.. fun, huh? (; Well the bestfriend thing is but not cleaning up, I just hate it so much but since I want my money this month I must do it and it will be totally worth it, I knoww that. (:
Anyways I'm writing this post because I wanna show you guys something I did to my bestfriend today...

You can find the making advices from Lauren Conrad's blog (:
And thanks for my model Marissa!

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