lauantai 25. kesäkuuta 2011

Earn the succes.

So England is getting closer and closer. I'm super excited about it, it's like a dream to me. I can try to fly on my own & live on my own, it feels great because now I know that my parents are trusting me because they're letting me go there alone and it feels so good to be trusted by your parents. I have packed my luggage already and everything is done except my room, it's still a mess! ):
Oh well I think I need to clean it tomorrow but then I will clean it. Expect I'm going to a zoo tomorrow with my mom and little sister but I can handle all the things what people are giving me. (; haha.

Anyways I visited my grandparents yesterday and well my uncle came there so he wanted to buy a car and it was somewhere in the middle Finland so my daddy and my uncle drove all the way there from Tampere, oh boy. It was a tough night because I was home at 3am, #latemuch?

Sorry but not going to post the outfit of the day because I wore a tanktop & college trousers so ugly, yes. See you tomorrow !

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