maanantai 27. kesäkuuta 2011

Goodbye Finland, Hellou England.

Well I guess it's time to say goodbye to Finland and say hello to England. I love my country & my family but I'm also loving this trip that I'm doing on my own. I've been waiting for this day like 4 months and it's the time, finally.

Couldn't sleep last night at all, it was really hard to fall asleep but I fell asleep at the end of the midnight, yay. Went to Kaivopuisto with my family today to spend some time with family before I leave. I'm going to miss them so much but oh well I will be fine without them or anyone else. I'm brave and that's what matters to me! But I thought I'd write here something so you'd know that I can't write on here for 3 weeks because I'm staying there 3 weeks but I will write after it every thing that happened to me, so excited!

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