sunnuntai 28. elokuuta 2011

Manicure, Pedicure, Coffee, Shopping.. Girls Night Out!

Gosh, this weekend went so fast! It's my first weekend after my school started.. I just can't believe that I'm going to school tomorrow, AGAIN! It feels frustfrating to go to school.. Maybe it's because I'm not in the place where I wanna study, I just have to survive of it! It's just one year and then I'm in there where I really wanna be, I know I can do it. #DreamBig, like they say. It's true, we have to Dream Big if we want to make our dreams true! Nothing's easy in this world. We need to work hard for every thing what we want to be, where we want to go, who want.. It's all about us! We make a change, together.

Anyways my friend came to my house this weekend and well we had a girls night! We want to have a coffee to Coffee House and then little bit shopping and then Face Mask's.. girl talk, about boys! (; Boys beware!! haha. It was fun, made me feel good. I love to do girl stuff with my bestfriend.. It makes me forget about everything, it's really relaxing. Thanks to my bestfriend Marissa! She made my weekend amazing. (:
We made face mask's and relaxed in the bed watching CSI Miami and talking boys and why they don't tell that they love somebody.. It's their lost, other boys can steal their hearts while they don't do anything... They just love you behind your back, dreaming about you and next day they notice that you're gone... It's weird but it's also so damn true boys! Make a change and ask your dream girl out, she might love you back without you even knowing of it. Life is wonderful, full of surprises! (;

And next day I got an idea to paint my jewellery rack again! It had a text saying; "Le Bain"
hmmm.. So not my style so I painted a rose and some beautiful glittery things.. So my style now!

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