tiistai 16. elokuuta 2011

Rihanna On The Beach

Last night was amazing!
Went to Rihanna's concert and met Tinie Tempah & Cheek as well. Tinie rocked the beach! I've always loved Tinie's music, music videos and his voice. Hes a good rapper! He deserves to get more famous because hes got some real talent. I loved how he took a contact to his audience. He singed and danced to us and braved us to do the same.. He really loved us & that's what I love about artist who do that and Tinie did! I felt so good after Tinie. He needs to come back to Finland someday again. I'm so going to his concert if hes coming to Finland!

The whole night was amazing. I loved Rihanna's part as well. She was beautiful and got a better voice in live. She did amazing job! Wish I'd had a change to take pictures but camera's were not allowed because somebody bought the photos to them so it limited to us to not take photos. It sucks but life is life. Anyways I had a great night expect Rihanna was late half an hour but still we waited, of course. haha.

I remember when I was a huge Rihanna fan! It was when I was 12-13 years old. My room was surrounded Rihanna's posters and I had her every cd-from an I still have! I still love her. Shes an amazing artist and a person. 

Hope so Rihanna & Tinie are coming back to Finland next year! (;

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