torstai 25. elokuuta 2011

The Time Of Our Lives...

Done & Done.
So happy to start the weekend tomorrow with a finnish Taiteiden Yö (Art Night) happening. I will take some photos and send them to you tomorrow then. I'm so excited to start my "official" weekend tomorrow but of course I'd rather to take a vacation... Of course! haha. I prefer vacations.
School is so f*cking tough but I'll survive alive, or do I? Oh well I will survive alive.

It was so hot today! I loved it because I love when the sun is shining & it's warm and not storming so you feel like staying in than being outside with your friends. Hope so tomorrow is so hot as today was. Let's hope for the best! (:

I went to shopping today! Well shopping and shopping.. I was supposed to buy some school stuff but I ended to Accessorize to buy everything cool! I went to find a beautiful beautiful pencil case from there, which I found, and well I found one and bought but then I saw this gold long super flawless scarf.. I thinked...I thinked...And thinked... And bought it. Now it's mine! This beautiful scarf! I'm going to wear tomorrow to school so everyone can see how beautiful it is! ;) haha. Bet they'll love it. Anyways I had a nice day and btw I can send the pictures of those tomorrow if you want to? Of course you want and even if you don't I'll do it anyways because you MUST see it... you'll love my scarf!

Dress; BikBok. Jersey; H&M Bracelet; GUESS

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