perjantai 2. syyskuuta 2011

Exercising, football, dancing, styling, singing, acting.. & camping.

Sorry for not posting any for many days but these days have been so busy so I haven't got any time and when I had, I forgot to write something even tho I was supposed to do it but nah, I did not so I'm sorry about it.

We went to Veikkola, Palajärvi on Wednesday with our class & well it was awesome. I really enjoyed all the things we did. I got to know them better so it was fun! We got so much closer than what we were when we left from Helsinki so it was really nice & relaxing. We got no school and we still could get our grades higher & the best part of it was that we had fun "studying" so it was really cool & chilly.
I'll tell you about by the photos and in the end of this post I'll post some outfits. (:

Oh, and we broke a window by touching it(?) It wasn't really new window obviously. Well that's just what happened in the midnight to us.
 And now the outfit when we went there. I don't know if it makes sense to post it but whatever I'll just post it because I loved the outfit so I want you to see it. (:

Trousers; Zara Shirt; Gina Tricot Scarf; Accessorize Bracelet; GUESS Ear Rings; GUESS

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