maanantai 1. elokuuta 2011

Beautiful beautiful you.. You're the light to my life.


Dear diary, lol. Not going to do it, haha.
Anyways this day was pretty cold :o I hated it but life's good.
I met my dear friend again.. He moved to Asia, Singapore 3 years ago and met him today again. I missed him so much! It was so damn good to see him because it has been 3 years since I saw him last time. He was so grown up & became a man, grown up.. adults world! It was a pleasure to meet him again.. I couldn't  believe it when I saw him.. It was like a dream. I felt so good in my heart, it was something so amazing! I can't describe the feeling what I felt in my heart. It was just something so unbeliviable but amazing. Felt so warm when I saw him. It was good to see him again.. Hes still the same kid who I knew! #muchlove

Went to swim today with my friends and tomorrow is time to get back to my job, yay. Or less yay. But this weekend is time to relax.. You will see the photos then!

Now let's see some photos of today. (;

flip flops; H&M. Hoodie; H&M. Shorts; Only Bikini (under my cloth); gant

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