lauantai 13. elokuuta 2011

Home Sweet Home.

Home again! I love traveling but love to be back to home, because you have your own bed and everything there. It's time to post some pictures of my last trip in Finland or basically of this summer but anyways we went to Powerpark, Ala-härmä and our hotel was full so we decided to take a village from Powerpark's place so we got a place from there and it was beautiful and worth of every penny! Next day we went to have some fun to amusement park and after that we headed straight to Ikaalinen to get a hotel room from there and the hotel... it was soooo ugly! :x Bet it got one star but I survived, I'M ALIVE !! And we went swimming and next to Ti-Ti Nalle's house (Ti-Ti Bear, finnish thing) and headed to Tampere to visit my grandma's and grandfather's house and btw I got some SUPER HAPPY news! (; I'll make a post of it soon but yeah after them we went to home and I slept on my own bed and today I've been cleaning and stuff like that. I am sooo exhausted!

Silverstone, our house in the village. It was amazing, I loved that house !!
Love my new Fred Perry's (;
Powerpark from the sky.
From the pool. Water was so cold as always in this village.
From Ti-Ti Nalle's House (Ti-Ti Bear) My little sister was a huge Ti-Ti freak when she was younger.

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