maanantai 22. elokuuta 2011

New School, New Wings, New Me & New Hair.

Dyed my hair few days and they were supposed to be brown but it came black but it's okey because I think it fits me pretty well even tho I'm saying it but I've heard many positives comments about my hair & well I'm happy for that it came good then. (;

Sorry for not posting new things about things but I've been SO busy with every thing. Interviews, school, studying and well preparing myself for a new year in school of opportunities. If we can say that. I got into Vantaan Ammattiopisti Varia high school and I'm pretty happy about it but I'm changing the school next year to Kallio so I can have acting as my subject, it suits me better.. way better! haha.
I had my first day in school today and well umm it was pretty cool but everything was so new to me. How to act there, Where to go, The teachers, New classmates! Ugh, I'm still terrified but I'll be fine, I'll be fine with a time. I really hope that the school goes excellent this so I can in to Kallio & raise myself to an actress, my dream job.  
Dreams are made to be dreamed. #DreamBig !! ~ And that's so true.
Having an other day tomorrow! Let's hope that it goes well.. I think it does but we'll see what's going to happen.
But for now let's focus the outfit of the day & I bet you wanna see my new hair & color (;

Flats; MicMac Jeans; GUESS Tank Top; TopShop Scarf; Pasmina

New hair color... Brown & Black, like it? (;
Personally I really like this color & it suits me really well. I think I'm going dye my hair like this next time as well.

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