torstai 15. syyskuuta 2011

Longchamp, Paris.

Bought a new make up bag what I can carry everywhere, to school, friends and wherever I go. I wanted a bag that's beautiful, simple and feels good in hands and this one did! It was perfect for me, I swear. I prefer white more but they didn't have white ones. ):
Anyways I'm really happy about my red make up bag. I really don't like red but that one is beautiful, it's not too red or too dark red.. It's from the middle. It looks beautiful and fits to my style and bag. I like it alot and that's why I bought it. haha.

You'll get a picture of it and see what's inside of my "travel" make up bag.

But there's one thing missing from my make up bag, but it's too big there and might be too expensive to be broken on my bag so it's better to keep it home, safe! haha. Anyways there's my new make up bag which one I bought today from Stockmann as I planned yesterday. I really like it.
And the last thing you must see! .... It's my next shop! (; #MUSTHAVE

Longchamp's bag! I've been watching it for months.. I hope I'll buy it in next month. It's simple but so damn beautiful.
Oh and I got a question from anynomous (however it's written) and he asked me a question and the answer is coming now...

ootko ihastunu keneenkää tällä hetkellä:) 
Do you have any crushes right now:)
~ Itse asiassa on ja ei. En oikein ota selvää tunteistani, mutta ainakin on yksi tietty henkilö kiikarissa. (;
~Actually I do & don't. I'm not sure about my feelings, but at least I have one person in my eyes. (;

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