sunnuntai 31. heinäkuuta 2011

Tell me what you kill, to prove you're right.

I've been doing so great since coming back from England even tho I wanna get back to England and live the life what I lived there but I love my life in Finland because we got salads and other healthy food here so it's good to be back in Finland and live life here.

Yesterday I was at my old friend birthday party and at Espoo's meeting, two-wheelers! Had so much fun. I took my camera with me but as long as I'm stupid I forgot the battery thing to my charger so I couldn't take any photos but got some photos from my friends. It was good to be there. I was at home 3 o'clock in the night, scary tho but awesome.

I've been doing so many things so far. And there's more coming next week! On friday I'm going to Hartola.. Paskareissu 2011 is about to start. There's a story to that name and it came from me, of course. (; haha.
Anyways it's a long story. The original name is Isien Loma (Daddy's Vacation) but it got a new name since 2009, if I remember right. But yeah we're going to spend some time to the country side with our daddy's.. We got the same people and same daddy's every single year and it has been always so good so far! Never have had bad time there. I can't for the next weekend.

I think I will post some outfits later this week.. I've bee so lazy lately that I haven't got taken any photos of my outfits because I usually spend my days under the sun with bikini, sun tanning.

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